Joe Gilronan


Olvera, Cadiz


Joe Gilronan:-

I am a full time professional artist who has been greatly influenced by the works of Tolkien. I received a Fine Arts Degree in painting from Liverpool University and hold a Higher National Diploma in design and ceramics from the University of Wales. I am originally from Chester, England but have lived in Olvera, Cadiz Spain for the last 4 years. I have exhibited and sold work world wide and work primarily in oils,acrylic and clay.


Why Tolkien? I suppose it all started from a very early age when I first heard a reading of the Hobbit on a British children's TV show called Jackanory. I just loved the whole world that he had created, this in turn led me to The Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion. Ever since a part of me has inhabited this world and art has allowed me to continue this magical journey.

The natural world
I have been very lucky in that I have always lived in close range of amazing scenery the Snowdonian national park, the Cheshire plains and now the Andalucia moutains. Whenever possible, I go for walks and take photographs and do lots of sketches. So there are lots of trees/mountains/castles/rivers and landmarks that I have sketched/photographed in my finished works.

Too many to mention but two artists have remained a constant J.M.W. Turner and my father R.A.Gilronan who had a succesful career as a landscape painter.

I hope enjoy my work.My artwork is for sale in any format possible: greeting cards, posters, laminated prints, matted prints, framed prints, posters.
Some originals are still available for sale.
Please contact me if you like to purchase original artwork


Mount Doom The Eye of Sauron by Joe Gilronan


Rivendell. The Last Homely House. by Joe Gilronan


The Morning Standoff by Joe Gilronan


Bag End In A Hole In The Ground by Joe Gilronan


The Silmarilion Voyage Of Earendil by Joe Gilronan


The Shire Frodo and Sam Making Plans by Joe Gilronan


The Fellowship Of The Ring Moria by Joe Gilronan


Rivendell A Hobbits Tale. The Red Book by Joe Gilronan


The Shire First Snowfall by Joe Gilronan


Bilbo's Eleventy-First Birthday Party by Joe Gilronan


Washing Day Hobbiton/Rosie's Roses by Joe Gilronan


From The Shire To The Sea by Joe Gilronan


Lake Town Thirteen Dwarves and a Hobbit named Bilbo by Joe Gilronan


Gandalf's Return Fireworks In The Shire. by Joe Gilronan


Anduin The Great River by Joe Gilronan


The Grey Havens. The Gulls Lament. Oil on Canvas by Joe Gilronan


Flower Pots Hobbiton by Joe Gilronan


Rivendell Wisdom Of The Elves. by Joe Gilronan


Minas Tirith War approaches. by Joe Gilronan


The fellowship doors of Durin Moria. by Joe Gilronan


The Misty Mountains by Joe Gilronan


The Fellowship Of The Ring by Joe Gilronan


The road to Rivendell The Lord of the Rings Tolkien inspired art by Joe Gilronan


The Shire by Joe Gilronan


Mordor Unleashed IIII by Joe Gilronan